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Reinventing Freshness


The Challenge

In a bid to reclaim its status as a cultural icon among young adults, Mentos embarked on a journey to infuse its brand with fresh energy. Through the Fresh Talent campaign, we championed emerging artists, celebrating their individuality and creativity. The result? A harmonious blend of music, art, and Mentos freshness that resonated deeply with our target audience.

The Aim

Mentos aimed to recapture the hearts of young adults by reigniting its appeal as an aspirational brand synonymous with urban culture. Through the Mentos Fresh Talent campaign, the brand sought to champion young artists and amplify their creativity, fostering a renewed sense of connection and relevance among its target demographic.

The Strategy

In collaboration with Spotify, Mentos handpicked four emerging artists—ALMÄ MANGO, YAASTER, LÉMOFIL & IGEE—to showcase their talents through music videos and curated playlists. Working closely with the artists and director Liswaya, we co-created visually captivating content that celebrated their individuality and freshness, breathing new life into the Mentos brand.

The Execution

Our strategy focused on multi-platform distribution, leveraging YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Spotify to maximize reach and engagement. Through a meticulously orchestrated campaign, we maintained momentum by spotlighting each artist in a rotating media coverage schedule, ensuring sustained attention and impact throughout the duration of the campaign.

The Impact

The Mentos Fresh Talent campaign struck a chord with audiences, generating excitement and buzz within the youth demographic. With over 67% of young people engaging with music, Mentos capitalized on this passion to reconnect with its audience, driving increased listens, growing fan communities, and reclaiming its status as a symbol of freshness and creativity.

The Results

  • 6.5 millions views
  • 1000 hours of streams on playlist
  • 6% increase in brand awareness
  • 6% growth in purchase intent