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Streaming Positivity


The Challenge

Nescafé embarked on a mission to uplift Chinese youth facing the pressures of college entrance exams. We transformed our Red Cup Study Room into a vibrant livestream hub on Bilibili, blending education with entertainment. With innovative features like UGC Running Commentary and AR test scan-tastic activations, we achieved remarkable growth in sales and social influence, spreading positivity to millions of students across China.

The Aim

Nescafé aimed to enhance its Red Cup Study Room initiative to better support Chinese high school students, particularly amidst the challenges posed by the 2022 lockdown. Leveraging the power of livestreaming and entertainment, the goal was to create a dynamic companion room on Bilibili, offering not only study advice but also engaging content and interactive formats to alleviate stress and foster community.

The Strategy

We revolutionized the Red Cup Study Room into a vibrant studytainment hub, streaming 17 hours a day for five weeks on Bilibili. Through unique innovations like UGC Running Commentary and AR test scan-tastic activations with Alipay, we invited students to actively participate and engage with the brand, transforming studying into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The Execution

Our strategy harnessed the innate behaviors and preferences of Chinese youth, seamlessly integrating interactive elements and partnerships to drive engagement. By offering prizes and live quiz shows related to schoolwork, we transformed negative associations with studying into positive, rewarding interactions, fostering a deeper connection with Nescafé.

The Impact

The results speak volumes. Achieving a remarkable 16% year-on-year growth in offline sales and an astounding 641% year-on-year increase in ecommerce sales, Nescafé exceeded expectations. With social influence and buzz 1.31 times higher than the previous year, the Red Cup Study Room project garnered an impressive 15.7 billion exposures, amplifying positivity and support to high schoolers across China.

The Results

  • 16% growth in offline sales
  • 641% increase in online sales
  • 1.31x higher social influence