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Take it to Eleven


The Challenge

7/11 embarked on a journey to revitalize its brand, seeking to reignite relevance in the hearts of customers amidst changing landscapes. With a commitment to authenticity and innovation, we set out to create a campaign that not only captivated but also celebrated diversity.

The Aim

Our aim was twofold: to recapture lost customers and invigorate the brand's cultural standing while tailoring the campaign to resonate with multicultural audiences. Through a consumer-centric strategy, we aimed to drive in-store traffic, revitalizing both the brand and business.

The Strategy

Activating a comprehensive media mix spanning TV, digital/social media, OOH, and radio, we showcased the diverse narratives embodying the "Take it to Eleven" ethos. Collaborating with acclaimed director Harmony Korine, our television spots brought to life vibrant stories that mirrored the spirit of 7/11.

The Execution

Employing a holistic approach to audience targeting, we harmonized 1st-Party data with prospecting audiences, ensuring a balanced mix of trusted and innovative tactics across the marketing funnel. Our strategy leveraged media to drive reappraisal, amplifying new brand and product messages to resonate with the right audience at the right moment.

The Impact

The "Take it to Eleven" campaign delivered remarkable results, contributing significantly to business recovery with a projected 52M incremental trips for 2021. Key metrics witnessed substantial growth, including a 50% increase in 7-Eleven Delivery consideration, a 76% increase in overall purchase consideration, and an 83% increase in 7Rewards consideration. Consumer testing revealed a resoundingly positive sentiment, with 94% expressing favorable reactions to the campaign's diverse narratives.

The Results

  • 50% increase in 7-Eleven Delivery consideration
  • 76% increase in overall purchase consideration
  • 83% increase in 7Rewards consideration
  • 94% positive campaign sentiment