Our Philosophy

Experience beyond Exposure.

In a chaotic and noisy world, brands can only matter by building valuable experiences for consumers, beyond simple media exposure.


"Why" beyond "What".

The only way to build strong Experiences is by understanding people’s innermost motivations, beyond their digital behaviour.


Responsibility beyond Reach.

Communications always have a societal impact and that sustainably profitable companies build plans where society is a stakeholder from the outset.

How We Work

Integration. Easy to say. Hard to make happen. This is the challenge at the heart of our approach. Every day, with every client, we focus on three steps to create integrated solutions for our clients.


We bring together experts across a diversity of areas to answer a single question: what is the problem our client is solving? A make-up brand can be solving for fatigue; a car brand can be solving for ageing; a bank can be solving for immaturity. The most profitable answer may not be the most obvious one.

For our clients to win, we think harder and better about why they matter in the consumer's life.


"Why” is a word close to our hearts. The word is drowning in digital behavioural data, yet this data is often superficial. Two people could send the same search signals for entirely different reasons. We are renowned across our industry for our insight capability and that insight is a “single, compelling truth” for all our people and partners.

Integration always demands the richest understanding of our clients’ consumers.


Dentsu X designs solutions with all relevant participants: our people, our clients, and third-party partners and agencies. This is how we destroy profit-harming siloes and where we build shared objectives.

All our people are trained in – and rewarded for – their ability to galvanise diverse teams.

X5 Capabilities

Since inception over 100 years ago, Dentsu Inc. has been revered across the world for its innovation, specifically creating new products and technologies for client success and consumer value. Born out of Dentsu, we benefit from our parent's investment in innovation in 5 ways.

People and Data

Experiences enabled by tech innocation, ranging from AR/VR to robotics

People and Data

Experiences based on a "Big Idea" generated through Dentsu's creative resource network

People and Data

Experiences created by new routes to market and consumers, include e-commerce and new retail

People and Data

Experiences born out of deep insight through innovative tech, such as biometrics

People and Data

Experiences through Dentsu's market-leading investment in entertainment and sports: format development, brand integration, rights management

Where We Are

Over 3500 staff across more than 47 markets, working as a single collaborative agency, unified through a shared and lived philosophy.






Our Leadership
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Global President of dentsu X

We believe that the way forward is to deliver experience beyond exposure . Experiences which involve, engage, amuse, entertain, inform and which are even co-created with consumers. And to move away from a marketing world which is so driven by exposure that we sometimes forget the true essence of marketing: to build trusted, sustained and valuable relationships.