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Rosalía: How a flamenco singer became a pop icon


May 26, 2022 By Farah González, Consumer Insights and Strategy Manager, dentsu X Spain

As we see content, entertainment, and culture being pushed from previously unprecedented regions – such as the rise of Squid Games, we see consumers being more risk averse. Now they are willing to engage with a format, media, and even language that is unfamiliar to them.

It is this willingness, and innate motivation for humans to explore the unknown that introduces us to Rosalía.

Who is Rosalía?

Rosalía is a Spanish flamenco singer who has gained the badge of global pop music phenomenon in the last few years, she has been embossed as a conceptual artist who revamped traditional flamenco and turned it into a universal interest through a conversation about race, heritage and what is soulful.

With an evident talent and more than three billion views on Youtube, she has broken linguistic and geographic frontiers by creating a global phenomenon out of a niche genre, which she has shaken up and transformed it into something new that appeals to the entire planet.

The impact of Rosalía on the world

Moving around the world in search of the best sound studio, the most appealing collaboration, or the largest indie festival, she has nomadized her presence and the world appears to repay her with unprecedented interest in return. Rosalía is emblematic for a larger sociological movement where people who have talent in a certain activity are sought after & admired by others around the world, regardless of cultural, geographic, or linguistic boundaries.

In a world where most of the economy was able to function suddenly at distance, customers realized that location is no longer an issue. Our previous standard of living where getting stuck on big traffic jams, commuting for hours, living in small city spaces, or paying insane amounts of taxes are now being questioned as working remotely has turned into a wider spread possibility.

People discovered new & better living conditions into being able to work their jobs remotely and upgrade their quality of living. This is leading to a redistribution of household budgets, where accommodation spend lowers and it’s redistributed into other categories, such as automotive, leisure, travel, etc.

How globalisation can help brands

The globalisation of a local celebrity illustrates how a brand can take advantage of this new customer state of mind and expand its role from local player to the global stage and how people will respond to the new scenario.

Now that society faces a deeper sort of globalisation where, through digital, world competitiveness is being restructured, a more agile supply chain development based on artificial intelligence, digitised physical borders, and countries open to digital nomads is enabling international commerce in ways never seen before.

Nowadays, it is not rare to have a friend that lives in Bahamas, works on a position based in Spain but from an American company, with a Brazilian passport.

And this is the game changer. It is universalization.

The benefit of remote work for brands

For agile brands this is a great opportunity, proven by remote sales exponential growth, as tech capabilities and new business models were able to take advantage of those new distances.

According to eMarketer, ecommerce sales have been growing double digit since the pandemics and will reach $6,17 trillion by 2023. Companies with no remote or international experience must be prepared and ready to manage the required coordination for borderless trades.

Those with experience will need to rethink their supply chain and production to be fast, flexible, cost efficient and at the same time reduce the impact of their activity on the planet.

So, in the post-pandemic world your company should act more like Rosalía by considering placing your efforts into people connection regardless of their cultural, geographic, or linguistic boundaries, empowering the company’s craftmanship & values.

That will help speeding the upscale of your niche’s relevance, nurturing it with meaningfulness & soul, while orchestrating your business into a borderless environment. And as Rosalía’s motto says: trá trá. 

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