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Why Creative AI is The Future of Advertising


May 6, 2022 By Quentin Delamotte, Senior Strategy Planner, dentsu X France

For as long as we can remember, creative decision-making has been a matter of subjectivity. Over the last decade, however, this has begun to change. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform more industries, this is an especially interesting area of innovation and data for creativity. Already, AI has helped write pop songs, mimicked the styles of great painters, contributed to the design of buildings, and informed creative decisions in filmmaking. 

Therefore, unsurprisingly, the use of AI in advertising has started to appear in creative and brand content, whether tagging content with the most relevant keywords or helping the copywriting process itself thanks to automated tools such as CopyAI, Wordtune, and Copysmith.

The use of AI in advertising today

Today, machine learning can help optimise digital ads at scale not only for display ads, but now also for OTT video ads by analysing what features and combinations of features are the highest performing in ad visuals. And this is just a first step. 

Without a doubt, 2022 will be the year of rising creative AI optimisation. It will show how powerful creative data can be in shaping the close future of ad creativity.  

Creative AI is bridging the gap to a cookieless world

With Apple’s end to the IDFA (ID for Advertising) announced last July and Google phasing out third-party cookies in early 2022.

It will be more difficult for brands to figure out which micro-targets are responding to different display ads as they apply the traditional strategy right content, to the right people, at the right moment.

How AI is transforming creative testing

2022 will be the year when AI in advertising will go beyond traditional A/B testing and DCO to make predictions about how creatives will perform even before the campaign goes live. 

When AI will act as a co-creator that can produce many ideas or concepts, which a creative person can use to inspire their own creative process. It is this marriage, of people and AI that will allow us to unearth the most genuine human intent, one that mirrors the emotion and passion of humans and the consumers we market to, with the scale, speed, and precision that AI can offer. It will be those brands that lean into this powerful shift, that will feel the greatest impact on their creativity.

The use of artificial intelligence for building more effective ads is still emerging, but one thing is clear: creative AIis already impacting everyone who does marketing and communication across the world. Possibilities are innumerable. And being ahead of this disruption is essential.  

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