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Why are consumers exhausted?


May 26, 2022 By Theresa Peterson, Senior Manager, Insights, dentsu X US

The pandemic that was to end by Easter 2020 has marched on into additional time, and many of the anxieties and open questions of the early days have persisted and evolved. Through it, consumers have reacted to ever-changing guidelines with anxiety and strained social relationships.

How COVID-19 changed consumer behavior

Consumers have consistently formulated complicated calculi for determining the acceptability of social interactions, shouldered the burden of mitigating individual and collective risk, and adapted on a dime to school, business, and office openings and closures.

On top of COVID fatigue, inflation, rising gas prices, supply chain issues, climate change, and polarizing debates disrupt consumers’ sense of certainty. 

The ensuing exhaustion will shape consumers’ expectations in the years to come, permeating every aspect of their lives and transforming how they engage with brands. Limited patience is a key manifestation of consumer exhaustion that brands should consider.  

 Solutions to consumer fatigue

Consumers are unwilling to sift through a mountain of information or products to find what they need. Avoid overwrought, emotional messaging and instead opt for clear and straightforward communications that provide essential information.

Ensure that inventories are up to date on the website so that consumers do not make an unnecessary trip to pick up an item that is not available. Offer personalized product choices, where available, to reduce the weight of decision-making and product research.  

The antidote to consumer exhaustion is rest—true rest, with no distractions or stimuli. Brands must be sure that their messaging offers succour instead of overstimulation. 

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