Making the unknown, known 

How can you convert a traditional pay-per-view audience, to a never before seen online brand?

By getting personal.


Getting to know the audience  

Using a multi-layered data targeting approach, we located boxing fans based on their online behaviour. We then heat mapped which cities were our prime spots for targeting out-of-home ads.

A custom consumer survey blended with Experian allowed us to locate those across the UK who regularly watched and took part in boxing, profiling sport enthusiasts and boxing fans.

Building the excitement

We created a dynamic build to drive anticipation through a daily and hourly fight night countdown. Hyping one of the biggest fights in history, across over 250 screens throughout the UK. 


It's a knockout 

This campaign grew DAZN's familiarity in the market, along with its brand equity. The fight itself saw a significant increase in awareness in exposed vs non-exposed creative. 


acquisition targets


awareness of fight


brand equity