After a year operating under a different name, Galp's self-consumption division was launched as Galp Solar in January 2022 in Spain and Portugal. The main challenges were to generate awareness of the new brand on a large scale and to grow sales by attracting qualified leads.

Consumer insight was based on the cultural and context: due to Ukraine War, energy prices raised a lot, so people were especially sensitive in a country where Sun is active. We strengthen Galp activity in key periods on a digital and sophisticated audience.


Strategic recommendation was based on 3 pillars: Full funnel optimization and digital mix: during the months of pure digital investment, YouTube was activated as the Awareness engine, complemented by Maximum Performance campaigns; Discovery worked with qualified audiences to encourage consideration; the search area was the key to performance, using smart bidding to reach the most relevant users. Message personalization: with Campaign Manager we were able to make use of customer data to make programmatic buying more efficient and offer personalized messages. Measurement for decision making: a dashboard was designed with Looker Studio to analyse TV reactivity with Analytics data and thus establish the moments of maximum demand to configure bids in the campaigns.


Increase in leads volume


YoY growth in sales


increase in ad awareness