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La Fiole Food Pairing Campaign

La Fiole

The Strategy

In 2021, wine consumption was over 4.3m litres, representing about 1.8% of the total alcohol consumption in Nigeria. This is a small proportion compared to Beer and Spirits, which have 85% and 11% share respectively, influenced by factors such as pricing, distribution, and consumer preference.

Cheap entry-level Spanish and South African wines dominate the retail market, thus, driving wine sales through volume, while premium wines are consumed in restaurants and homes of wealthy Nigerians in major cities.

La Fiole du Pape has strong equity in the Nigerian market as it has been available for over 20 years with over 34% growth in the P4Y. Despite the brand's solid positioning and offerings, consumers perceive it as aging; therefore, it was imperative to develop an effective marketing campaign that would appeal to the younger generation as a large portion of our TA are either unaware of La Fiole du Pape or have moved on to other brands because they felt it is “my father's drink”.

The Challenge

We learned that more cases of La Fiole was sold in bars and restaurants as opposed to off-trade. So, we focused our efforts at places of consumption. Our strategic approach was to drive Awareness for how La Fiole du Pape could be paired and enjoyed with specific continental and Nigerian meals.

We created 60 secs videos to show new expressions of royalty and fine dining and deployed this on owned social channels, as well as creating an Instagram collab post with the culinary chef, Chef Black. We also used YouTube, cross-targeting our demographic and interest data insights from CCS, skewing placements more towards mobile (web and app) at the cheapest CPM rate.

The Results

  • 413k Total Impressions delivered
  • 70% Increase in positive sentiment driven by influencer post
  • 22% Increase in sales, compared to 2022