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Unlocking Motivations: Possession


August 1, 2023

Have you ever wondered why people are inclined to hold on to items they no longer need? Or why some individuals have an insatiable desire to acquire and organise possessions? It all comes down to Motivations—the driving forces behind our behaviours and choices.

By profiling more than 400,000 people in 70 markets across the world, we have identified six core Motivations that drive everyone at varying levels. Accomplishment, Affection, Information, Possession, Power and Protection. These six core Motivations are comprised of 25 sub-Motivations which are each defined by individual statements that help us dive deeper into the uniqueness of each person and their drivers. 

In this blog post, we'll explore one of the six core Motivations in marketing, Possession. We'll delve into its characteristics, highlight some interesting facts, and demonstrate how understanding Motivations can empower marketers to connect with their target audiences on a deeper level. Get ready to unlock the secrets of acquiring, creating, and organising!

Possession: The Art of Acquisition and Order

The Possession Motivation revolves around the desire to acquire, create, organise, and retain items and experiences. It's about the thrill of obtaining things we desire and the joy that comes from creating and maintaining our personal collections. Whether it's a physical object or an intangible experience, the Possession Motivation drives us to surround ourselves with the things we value.

Let's take a closer look at the sub-Motivations that define Possession:

To Acquire

Individuals with this sub-Motivation are motivated by the act of acquiring new items. They find satisfaction in obtaining things they desire, whether it's the latest gadget, a piece of artwork, or a unique vintage find.

To Build My Own

This sub-Motivation focuses on the desire to create and customise possessions. It's about the joy of personalisation and the satisfaction that comes from crafting something unique. From DIY projects to customising their living spaces, individuals with this sub-Motivation are driven to leave their personal touch on everything they possess.

To Have Order

Organising and maintaining order is a key aspect of the Possession Motivation. Individuals with this sub-Motivation find fulfillment in creating structured environments, where everything has its place. They take pride in organising their possessions and maintaining a sense of order in their lives.

To Retain

This sub-Motivation is about the desire to hold on to possessions and maintain a sense of continuity. Individuals driven by this sub-Motivation value longevity and the preservation of meaningful items that hold sentimental or historical value.

Pinterest & Possession in Marketing

When it comes to social media platforms, Pinterest users stand out for openly identifying their Motivations more than users of any other platform. It's no surprise that the core Motivation that resonates with Pinterest users is Possession, accounting for 43% of identified Motivations. Within this group, the leading sub-Motivations are To Acquire and To Build My Own. Pinterest serves as the ideal platform for engaging audiences who seek to express their individuality through the unique items they acquire and create.

Motivations in Action: Meet Victoria

Within dentsu X, we have individuals who embody the Possession Motivation in their personal and professional lives. Let's meet Victoria, one of our dedicated dentsu X members, and hear her perspective on her Motivation.

Victoria Naumova, Account Executive at dentsu X

Motivation: Possession

“I always have yearly, monthly and daily goals that I like to accomplish, and I would always find a few different ways on how to achieve them. So, that’s why when I found out that my biggest strength at work is organisational skills, I wasn’t surprised. It is also important for me to experience life and get knowledge from my experiences. And of course, every big event should be remembered with the help of a memorable purchase that I would store for years at home. Did I think that I might get Possession as my Motivation? – yeah, it definitely didn’t come as a surprise!”

Understanding Motivations: Empowering Marketing Strategies

Our in-depth Motivations study has revolutionised how our clients approach audience understanding. By unravelling data-driven human truths about their target demographics, we enable marketers to develop strategies that connect on a profound level. Instead of relying solely on demographics and consumption patterns, we now comprehend what truly drives audiences and shapes their decision-making processes. This knowledge empowers marketers to tailor creative messages and plan media and engaging offline events that align with the core Motivations of their target audience, breaking biases in product positioning.

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