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Reviving the Chewing Gum Industry


May 7, 2023 By Donovan Donadonibus, Market Director, dentsu X Italy

Have you ever wondered why you make certain choices? In this blog, we'll explore the fascinating psychology and motivations behind consumer purchasing. This article is taken from ahead 2023 – Why Motivations Matter, where our experts at dentsu X provide a thought-provoking analysis of the many factors that shape our decisions, helping brands better understand and connect with their audiences to drive growth.

Chewing gum often gets a bad rap, with people associating it with laziness, disobedience and wasted time. However, due to the pandemic, the chewing gum industry has faced an even more dire situation. 

In Italy, in the past two years, two million consumers have been lost, and daily consumption has dropped by seven percent. A key factor in this has been the new way of living with people spending more time at home and wearing face masks, making it so that people feel there is no need for chewing gum. 

This has caused the industry to lose its impulse purchase appeal and has diminished the functionality of the product, as fewer people are finding teeth whitening and hygiene factors relevant. Marketers now have to find a way to turn this trend around, with access to reliable consumer intelligence becoming more necessary than ever. 

We investigated the inner motivations of target audiences within this sector to better understand what’s behind their actions and to design valuable and strong customer experiences based on our findings. We found that socialising outside of the house was very important to them. Affiliation, the need To Play and To Be Recognised, was a top driver for these audiences, fitting into the Accomplishment and Affection Motivations. 

The pandemic has caused a significant impact on the chewing gum industry, but with the right consumer intelligence and understanding of consumer motivations, there is hope for the industry to make a comeback and become relevant once again.

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