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The Blueprint for Automotive Marketing Success


February 5, 2024

Our examination of a global sampling of automotive brands revealed a striking truth: similar products in the same category are chosen for distinct reasons.

Are you curious to learn what factors influence your customers’ automotive purchases?

Building upon the dentsu X Motivations report we shared in April 2023, this new chapter in our series offers brands invaluable insights into consumer choices in the multifaceted world of automotive marketing.

Dive into the exclusive insights we've prepared just for you.

What to Expect

Discover how our Motivations insights can help your brand build lasting relationships with the right audiences. Our in-depth analysis is not just theoretical; we bring you tangible, real-world examples that will transform your approach to connecting with your audience.

Why it Matters

Understanding and leveraging consumer Motivations can be the game-changer your brand needs. Uncover the secrets to creating campaigns that resonate, build loyalty, enhance engagement and drive conversions.

Download now and turbocharge your automotive marketing strategy.


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