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dentsu X Denmark Triumphs in MyImage Bureau 2024, Disrupting a 16-Year Dominance


January 12, 2024

dentsu X claims the second spot in MyImage Bureau 2024. The agency's rapid ascent showcases its prowess and highlights a positive shift in media dynamics. 


MyResearch, the driving force behind the acclaimed MyImage analysis, has established itself as a reputable entity in Denmark. Since 2008, they have consistently conducted comprehensive analyses on media agencies and expanded their reach to various industries. This year, over 1,000 marketers actively participated in their insightful survey, reinforcing the credibility of their research endeavors. 


dentsu X's rise signifies a positive disruption, injecting healthy competition into the traditionally stable rankings.  


dentsu X's standout performance in key qualitative statements reinforces its status among top media agencies. Excelling in categories like 'Good digital skills,' 'Creatively strong,' and 'Good at negotiating prices/terms,' the agency demonstrates its versatility and strengths across various media aspects. 


The 2024 rankings depict a refreshed landscape, with dentsu X at the forefront as a dynamic and formidable player. As the industry evolves, dentsu X stands ready to shape the future of media solutions, bringing innovation and excellence to the forefront of its operations. The positive momentum signals a promising chapter for dentsu X in the ever-evolving media agency landscape.