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Media Trends 2023


October 26, 2022

Even in a slowing economy, consumer behaviours in media evolve at pace.  Everywhere we look we see both diversification and convergence - content platforms adding commerce, and commerce platforms adding ads and content, all trying to find new ways to engage and monetise their users.    

We see a battle between the tech giants’ walled garden ecosystems and the forces of interoperability, with marketers wanting to make platforms as accessible as possible through technologies like programmatic ad placement.    


How would economy affect the media trends for 2023?

Economic uncertainty always brings out creativity in business and media.  Previous cycles have launched or boosted radio, TV, and social media, and in the year to come we will likely see the emergence or acceleration of communication channels.    

The need for cost saving and efficiency is also a driver of change, including the rise of ad-funded streaming - commerce sites looking to monetise further through ad sales - and a greater need to measure the attention consumers pay to advertising.    


Media Trends for 2023: Content, Commerce & Community

This year’s Media Trends report looks at big themes – Content, Commerce and Community – and highlights how the landscape is changing, with advice on how to prepare for the future. 

Sanjay Nazerali, Global Client and Brand President, dentsu X: “With technology ever evolving, it's no surprise that the tech titans are diversifying their platforms to maintain their grip on the market. Expanding services to include video, games, commerce, and community features allows users to have a one-stop shop for all their needs, rather than trying to keep up with different specialist apps.” 

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