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Jaguar Land Rover Pixel Academy Day 1


October 14, 2022

Media is about relationships

dentsu X had a great time hosting seven rising digital stars on the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) commercial graduate scheme. Over three action-packed days, the graduates were introduced to the JLR client team, key people from dentsu X, experts across dentsu network and several media partners.

The first day kicked off meeting Sanjay Nazerali, dentsu X Global Client and Brand President, who, with his wealth of experience, was recalling how digital became the pivotal point for media and media planning. “The creative possibilities were extraordinary,” – remembers Sanjay, - “… [with digital] you could get an understanding of the human beings on the other side of the screen. Media became about relationships, not just optimising advertising dollars. We gained the ability to speak to people in the most creative ways imaginable if we listen.”

Today, data is becoming more important than ever but stitching those data points together is even more critical. “Ultimately, [as an agency] we do knitting,” says Sanjay.

Guy Hughes-Wilson, dentsu X Global Client President, states that the essence of powerful marketing is in brand and warns the graduates from relying solely on digital technology and data. “You are going to learn the logic, don’t forget about the magic” Sanjay reinforces.

The inspirational and aspirational tone has quickly shifted to robust and technical when dentsu X JLR team took to the floor. The graduates were taken through the key elements of paid search, organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and how to navigate these through the challenges of cookieless browsing. The focus then shifted towards social media and paid campaigns on partner platforms with guests from Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. During these sessions, the graduates explored the world of automotive advertising that exists today and started thinking of ideas on how to improve the reach for JLR straight away!

Networking is arguably one of the most important components in this programme, share the graduates, so the day finished with socialising with the dentsu X team, taking the day from networking to connecting as people. Real connections and genuine client relationships help dentsu X better understand the client needs and deliver the best solutions.