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RECMA names dentsu X 12th most competitive global media agency, #1 in SEA, 5th in APAC, and Western EMEA.


April 9, 2020 By dentsu X

Global research company RECMA has revealed the 20th edition of the “Competitiveness in Pitches” reporting, ranking dentsu X as the 12th most competitive global media agency out of 725 analysed agencies.

The ranking was bolstered by two major global accounts wins: Upfield and Generali, and several key accounts won locally (Nestlé in Italy and Russia, and Reckitt in India). 

dentsu X’s strong global growth, led to an uptick in assessment from 15 countries in 2018, to 38 in 2019, giving way to the sharp growth in overall scoring. dentsu X performed at an A or A+ ranking in numerous markets such as Russia, Italy, Norway, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia. Regionally, dentsu X was listed as #1 most competitive agency in South East Asia, and 5th most competitive media agency in both APAC, and Western EMEA respectively. 

“At dentsu X we are consistently focused on delivering experience beyond exposure for our clients and communicating this passion in all our pitches.” said Mike Nakamura, global president, dentsu X. “As we continue to grow in scale, and offering, we aim to move away from a marketing world which is so driven by exposure that we sometimes forget the true essence of marketing: to build trusted, sustained and valuable relationships. This is exemplified not just in our talent, our approach, but also brands appetite to work with dentsu X. ”

The survey is based on 2060 participations to pitches in 47 countries, analysing the results across 725 agencies. The report analyses the top major global advertisers that conducted pitches or reviews in 2019, and examines each success or failure by network, and concludes with Rankings, delivering global and regional rankings based on a yearly and 3-year perspective.

The full report can be accessed here.