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Following on from our introduction to Motivations released in 2023, we are once again delving into the transformative power of Motivations, this time tailored to 5 specific industries. These 5 pieces offer practical, real-world examples to guide marketing professionals in Fashion, FMCG, Skincare, Automotive and Finance.

Unlocking the Why of Human Motivations

Why do people do the things they do? It’s a question that has stumped philosophers and scientists for centuries. Now, you can unravel the mystery of human behaviour with dentsu X. Our innovative tool reveals valuable audience insights to drive growth and create successful brand strategies. Uncover the power of Motivations today.
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dentsu X Motivations: Our Trusted Customer Insight Tool

Unlock insights into your audiences by understanding Motivations. Our privately owned tool profiles more than 400,000 people across 70 markets and has identified six core Motivations. Discover data-driven human truths that help you plan across all marketing disciplines and understand audiences on a truly human level.

Understanding Customer Motivations in a Data-Driven World

We help brands bridge the gap between what they offer and what their customers want. Learn how to make your messages more relevant and engaging. Download our Motivations Fact Files today.
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Unlock the Motivations Fact Files

Why do people do the things they do? Download your copy of dentsu X’s report around understanding people’s Motivations to finally have the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dentsu X Motivations?

dentsu X Motivations is a privately owned and operated consumer insight tool that allows our clients to understand audiences on a truly human level.

dentsu X Motivations are the inner-most drivers that truly influence audiences buying patterns. Via our privately owned and operated consumer insight tool called CCS, we have managed to identify six core Motivations to inform brands’ marketing strategies and allow our clients to understand audiences on a truly human level.

How does dentsu X Motivations work?

Our CCS tool works by profiling more than 400,000 individuals from 70 different markets, allowing us to identify six core customer motivations. This data is then used to help brands create meaningful and impactful campaigns that truly engage their target audience.

At dentsu X we look for Motivations in everything we do, for more explore our work.

What are the six core Motivations?

dentsu X have identified six core Motivations that drive consumers at varying levels.

They are Accomplishment, Affection, Information, Possession, Power and Protection

How does dentsu X identify consumer Motivations?

With the help of our innovative Motivations tool, we can study and decode behaviours that cause people to act in certain ways and drive growth for brands by connecting them with the right audiences like never before.

How do dentsu X connect audiences and brands?

Even with the right data, there is still a disconnect between what is being offered and what consumers actually want or expect. At dentsu X we believe relationships come from valuable experiences. With our Motivations tool we help brands understand the why behind their customers to bridge that gap.