Music sets the PACE

The luxury car industry can be a fiercely competitive market. Within this landscape, Jaguar was looking to win over an audience more loyal to BMW and Mercedes. Despite Jaguar launching its innovative and award-winning F-PACE, E-PACE and I-PACE vehicles into the growing SUV segment, the brand’s health research showed that it was failing to rank highly in consideration amongst the next generation of luxury car buyers in Europe – specifically, high-net-worth female individuals aged 25-35.  

Our challenge was to harness and drive positive brand familiarity within this audience and persuade them to consider a Jaguar PACE for their next car. 


The most remixed track in history  

Jaguar needed to connect to an unfamiliar, younger audience. We needed to engage with them in a space where they make emotional connections to tell Jaguar’s story through experiences they love.  

We built a demographic profile of the target audience to help us establish the opportunity across nine markets in Europe, delving into their passions, influences and media habits. We saw that they favoured premium lifestyle publishers, social media and content streaming sites to discover the latest and greatest in popular culture, and we learned that of all their passions, music has the greatest ability to entertain and inspire.  

We focused on an owned- and earned-media campaign with major musical talent, putting Jaguar’s cars at the heart of the conversation. Collaborating with pop sensation DuaLipawe co-created an original track called Want To. Then to demonstrate the technological advancement of the PACE model series, we connected the music to sensory drive data to make an almost unlimited number of unique remixes.The track was promoted with a major live performance by Dua Lipa at a special show in Amsterdam, to which we invited fans and key media influencers from across Europe. 


With massive PR headlines across Europe, we launched paid media partnerships with GQ, Vogue, Spotify, YouTube and Instagram to scale the captured content. To drive engagement, we encouraged consumers to download an app to remix the track themselves. Finally, we pushed out the campaign at the Paris Motor Show, ensuring Jaguar’s popular culture moment had maximum exposure. With such incredible coverage, the PACE campaign put Jaguar into the minds of the right audience, with target-beating results. 


reached via social channels


paid media impressions

Want To

became the most remixed track in history