The low-calorie consumer

Sappe Beauti Drink, a women’s drink brand in Thailand, needed to raise awareness about its low-calorie benefits. In a crowded drinks market, the brand had to find a way to differentiate itself from its competitors and gain top-of-mind awareness among consumers.


Emotion Analyser

We needed to physically show the benefits that Sappe Beauti Drink could bring to the marketplace. Dentsu ScienceJam and dmLab developed a tool – the “Sappe Happy Meter” – to measure happiness through an “Emotion Analyser.” Through a headset device that detects brainwave activity, data from brainwaves were translated into graphs and numbers on a ‘happiness’ emotion index.

Happiness blooms

We transformed data into living flowers that bloomed and withered depending on how high or low the happiness index was. We created an event activation at Siam Square for women to experience the “Sappe Happy Meter” and see how their emotion would change when drinking various beverages with high and low calories.


Stand for happiness

The VDO posted on Sappe’s Facebook fan page rocketed with comments causing 2000% engagement rise. After the campaign’s launch, Sappe Beauti Drink’s market share grew from 43% to 47% in a month. “Sappe Happy Meter” innovatively differentiates the brand and outshine its competitors. As the brand that stands for women’s happiness, Sappe has succeeded in capturing women’s attention and in encouraging them to take care of what they eat and embrace the true happiness.


market share increase


increase on engagement rate