Changing the narrative 

How do you make a traditionally well-known brand appeal to a new, younger, demographic? Through partnering with the number 1 game in the country.


Immersing the audience 

With 100million unique daily users, “Honor of Kings” was the perfect partner to deliver a one-of-a-kind 360 campaign, designed for the Gen-Z audience. To celebrate, tin can got a makeover, with game characters matched to coffee strength.

The campaign was orchestrated around a 3-step activation and out-of-home execution.

Step 1: Community building through social promotions and a wide range of gaming influencers from Kunbao to Xiaobai.

Step2: Creating a tailormade King Pro League E-sport competition, where casual gamers were given the chance to compete against professional teams. The event was live-streamed on China’s top gaming platforms. To support this unique activation, new levels of the game were created especially for the competition. The QR code on the tin can became the perfect gaming companion and unlocked exclusive content, putting the consumer at the heart of the action.

Step 3: “You Are My Glory” is a romantic comedy dedicated to “Honor of Kings”. The partnership featured in the shows finale which was watched by over 3.8 billion fans, dominating mobile and streaming environments.


Re-defining the brand

Nescafé successfully tapped into gaming culture, made their brand more relevant to the Gen-Z audiences and delivered beyond expectations by driving an increase in online sales of 24.3% and a total category growth of 4%.


total impressions




increase in online sales