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MCCain Monsoon Campaign


The Challenge

In India, rain comes with a mood to eat fried snacks. Thus, McCain wanted to promote its range of specialty food products during the season, particularly focused on reaching out to female consumers in top metros with personalized creatives. However, since the rain is unexpected and sudden, controlling the timing of when to show the ad was a challenge.

The Strategy

Dentsu India set up a two-way weather integration using WeatherAds for their DSP and a weather API at the Adserver level. This enabled us to set real-time custom weather triggers & to personalize the creative based on both location & live weather data, utilizing rain triggers whilst also incorporating real time temperature into the ads. The WeatherAds UI enabled us to customize the rules based on the amount of rainfall. We were able to set the triggers as granularly as city level, which made the campaign more relevant & accurate for the user.

The Results

  • +20% Increase in click-through rate
  • -38% Decrease in cost per click