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Add A Little Emotion


The Challenge

Changing communication for Mac Cosmetics 

How can you use a French phenomenon to target the core community of Mac Cosmetics and create traffic in POS with a lipstick and gloss limited edition?

It’s time to add a little emotion.  

The Strategy

Gen Z to the front 

In a plan 100% designed for GEN Z, we focused on interactive and sharable experiences on platforms designed to make a buzz among the target audience. Partnering with Snapchat, we launched a custom Snapchat lens uniquely built for Karaoke. We also stimulate the targets for posting with Mac’s limited-edition products. In a unique partnership with France’s most played musical act of 2018, Aya Nakamura, we amplified the campaign as well via Aya’s official Instagram account.

Data-driven and consumer obsessed

We transformed POS data and integrated consumer data from Warner music to reach to Aya’s fan group. Not only the target consumer group, we also included Aya’s fan to get involved. To bring consumers into store, we implemented an impactful store visualization. In adding to instore graphics and displays, we also added interactive elements for fans to interact with. We created a unique snap-code on Snapchat that allowed fans to dance in store with Aya for in-store experience using VR Technology, and the chance to win unique fan experiences.  

The Results

Brand Firsts

After the campaign launch, Kantar media named Mac #2 in beauty category which was a first for the brand. Compared to previous campaigns, social performance outperformed experiences.