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Unveiling Gen Z Insights: The Power of Collaboration


March 14, 2024

In the dynamic realm of marketing, understanding Gen Z's preferences and behaviors is essential for brands aiming to stay relevant. To capture the essence of this influential demographic, dentsu partnered with Imagen Insights, specialists in qualitative Gen Z research, to create The Pace of Progress: Gen Z Edition ,an addendum report to dentsu’s 2024 media trends report. 


Among the key findings was Gen Z's emphasis on authenticity and transparency in brand communication. They prioritize honesty and integrity, necessitating brands to align their values with those of their Gen Z audience to foster meaningful connections. 


The partnership highlighted the power of collaboration in driving innovation and understanding in the marketing industry. By combining dentsu's expertise in media trends with Imagen Insights' specialized Gen Z knowledge, the collaboration created synergy, yielding actionable insights for brands seeking to engage with this demographic. 


Find out more about our addendum report The Pace of Progress: Gen Z Edition here and watch our LinkedIn Live session replay for more insights on navigating the world of marketing.