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Unlocking the Secrets of the Beer Market


May 7, 2023 By Carlos Pacheco, Head of Strategy, dentsu X Spain & Marian Petcu, Global Client Partner and Strategy Director, dentsu X Southeast Europe

The decisions we make are a reflection of our inner thoughts and motivations, even if we aren't consciously aware of them. In this blog, we'll explore the psychology and motivations behind consumer purchasing, from cognitive biases to environmental influences. This article is part of a wider thought leadership piece, in which dentsu X experts around the globe provide thought-provoking insights into the diverse factors that shape our decisions, and how understanding these motivations can help brands drive growth by connecting with valuable audiences.

When it comes to purchasing beer, it’s often assumed that consumers simply grab a few six packs from the supermarket, some bottles online for a special occasion, or just pop for a few cold ones at the pub with their friends. Although these are typical ways to buy beer, what truly motivates people to choose a certain brand remains a mystery. 

Motivations play an important role in the beer market today. Firstly, it’s important to differentiate your brand from others in such an over-saturated market. Understanding why people consume beer, and the desires that drive them to do so, provides us a great opportunity for effective communication with the target audience. 

Additionally, beer is a highly emotional category, so looking at consumers’ innermost drivers helps us to understand the sentiment behind people’s decisions in order to appropriately plan brand strategies. Lastly, people consume beer in different situations and occasions, and our Motivations analyses can help us understand the specific needs driving them in those moments. 

Using the Motivations framework, we can understand people better and make a more effective and influential communication mix. For example, should e-commerce ads around performance be placed in the same environment for those whose sub-Motivations are To Be Alone, or even To Be different? No, because those messages will not connect with the real reason for the purchase. 

The concept can evolve further when looking at the same person in different situations. If someone wants to buy beer to enjoy alone in front of the TV, we could be looking at the Protection Motivation, which includes the sub-Motivation To Be Alone. If that same person is then planning to drink beer at a barbecue with friends, we would consider the Affection Motivation comprising To Belong or To Play. The motivations behind these two decisions are different, hence so should the messaging. In this case, it’s not so much about making sure a specific person always buys your beer, it’s about making sure that your beer brand is associated with specific moments in people’s lives. 

All in all, employing Motivations can open up a new perspective on personalisation, addressability and influence with advertising, and make it much more effective.

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