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Understanding the Key Drivers of Telecom Consumers


May 7, 2023 By Barbara Klinser-Kammerzelt, Client Partner, dentsu X Austria

Our decisions tell a story about who we are, reflecting our deepest thoughts and motivations. Join us in this blog as we explore the psychology and motivations behind consumer purchasing, from cognitive biases to environmental factors. This article is part of a wider thought leadership piece, in which dentsu X experts from around the world share their insights on the many drivers that influence our decisions and help brands better understand and connect with their audiences to drive growth.

The telecommunications sector has undergone a deep transformation since the rise of smartphones. The whole industry, from the variety of products and services to user motivations, has changed dramatically. 

Whereas before, our phones were primarily used to make calls and stay connected, now smartphones are our pocket portals to the internet, enabling us to express ourselves, stream films, talk with friends, and navigate unfamiliar places. 

Successful brands in this space have to accept their role as data vessels and be convenient enough to become consumer enablers. Identifying and leveraging the trigger points of each group is key. 

The key motivators for telecom consumers today are often Affection, Accomplishment and Information. The need To Showcase, To Be Noticed, To Belong, To Know and To Tell Others are all sub-Motivations that drive us to share photos of our latest successes with our networks and escape boring commutes with that TV show everyone is talking about. 

To do this, consumers need a reliable service provider of uninterrupted connections. It’s not just about coverage or signal strength, but also about the emotions such connections enable – something far beyond technology. 

Being connected, wanting to know more, or escaping busy commutes are all motivations telecom companies can tap into to be successful. The right provider can help us share our accomplishments and escape the everyday, whilst ensuring our connection to the world is always on.

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