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Unlocking Motivations: Affection


August 1, 2023

Have you ever wondered why people keep the box after buying something, even if they have no use for it? It turns out that their motivations behind such behaviours are more complex than meets the eye. Motivations go beyond functional reasons and play a significant role in shaping our actions and choices.

By profiling more than 400,000 people in 70 markets across the world, we have identified six core Motivations that drive everyone at varying levels. Accomplishment, Affection, Information, Possession, Power and Protection, play a vital role in emotional marketing. These six core Motivations are comprised of 25 sub-Motivations which are each defined by individual statements that help us dive deeper into the uniqueness of each person and their drivers. 

In this blog post, we'll dive into the Affection Motivation — one of the six core Motivations identified through extensive research. We'll explore its characteristics, share intriguing facts, and demonstrate how understanding Motivations can empower marketers to connect with their target audiences on a deeper level through emotional marketing. Get ready to discover the power of connection and fun!

What is Affection in Marketing?

At the heart of the Affection Motivation lies the desire to love and be loved. Individuals driven by this Motivation seek affiliation and value the company of others. They find fulfilment in building strong relationships and often rely on the support and protection of their loved ones. Fun activities and shared experiences are essential to them, as they contribute to the affection they feel and receive.

Let's explore the sub-Motivations that define Affection:

To Belong

People with this sub-Motivation have a deep need to feel a sense of belonging and actively seek out connections and social groups where they can be a part of a community.

To Nurture

Nurturing others is a significant aspect of the Affection Motivation and emotional advertising. Individuals driven by this sub-Motivation find joy in caring for and supporting others, embracing opportunities to make a positive impact in their relationships.

To Not Be Rejected

The fear of rejection is something that individuals with this sub-Motivation often experience. They strive to avoid being rejected by others and seek acceptance and validation in their relationships.

To Be Needed

Being needed and valued is crucial for those driven by this sub-Motivation. They find fulfilment in knowing that they play an important role in the lives of their loved ones and actively seek opportunities to be relied upon.

To Play

Fun and playfulness are integral to the Affection Motivation. Individuals with this sub-Motivation seek opportunities for joy, laughter, and shared experiences, as they believe these moments strengthen their connections with others.

The Decision Dilemma

Did you know that people with a strong Affection Motivation are 21% more likely to agree with the statement, "There are too many decisions to make in life" compared to other Motivation segments? 

This fascinating insight can be attributed to various factors. Affection-driven individuals value sharing their everyday adventures with friends and family, seizing every opportunity as it arises. They are mindful of others' opinions about them and cherish their individuality. With such rich and diverse experiences, it's no wonder they find themselves faced with an abundance of decisions!

Motivations in Action: Meet Karishma

Within dentsu X, we have individuals who embody the Affection Motivation in their personal and professional lives. Let's meet Karishma, one of our dedicated dentsu X members, and hear her perspective on her Motivation.

Karishma Singapuri, Global Brand Lead at dentsu X

Motivation: Affection

"For me, building meaningful relationships and creating lasting bonds is what brings me joy. I love being there for my friends, family and colleagues. It's not just about the work; it's about fostering a sense of belonging and support.

Being Affection-motivated means that I value the power of fun and playfulness, and I truly believe that shared laughter and memorable experiences can strengthen any relationship and create a positive environment for all.”

Empowering Emotional Marketing Strategies

Our in-depth Motivations study has revolutionised how our clients approach audience understanding. By unravelling data-driven human truths about their target demographics, we enable marketers to develop strategies that connect on a profound level. Instead of relying solely on demographics and consumption patterns, we now comprehend what truly drives audiences and shapes their decision-making processes. This knowledge empowers marketers to tailor creative and emotional advertising messages, and plan media and engaging offline events that align with the core Motivations of their target audience, breaking biases in product positioning.

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