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Unlocking Motivations: Accomplishment


August 1, 2023

We all exhibit different behaviours and make choices for various reasons. Have you ever wondered why people do certain things or buy specific items? The answer lies in their Motivations—the underlying drivers that influence their actions and decisions.

By profiling more than 400,000 people in 70 markets across the world, we have identified six core Motivations that drive everyone at varying levels. Accomplishment, Affection, Information, Possession, Power and Protection. These six core Motivations are comprised of 25 sub-Motivations which are each defined by individual statements that help us dive deeper into the uniqueness of each person and their drivers. 

In this blog post, we'll explore one of the six core Motivations, Accomplishment. We'll delve into its characteristics, highlight some interesting facts, and demonstrate how understanding Motivations can empower marketers to connect with their target audiences on a deeper level. 

Accomplishment: Reaching New Heights

The Accomplishment Motivation is fuelled by a deep desire for recognition and acknowledgment from others. Individuals driven by this Motivation strive to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and showcase their accomplishments. It often stems from a need for external validation and is closely intertwined with a person's sense of self-worth.

Let's take a closer look at the sub-Motivations that define Accomplishment:

To Achieve

This sub-Motivation drives individuals to set and conquer challenging goals, pushing themselves to excel and reach new heights of success.

To Compete

Competition is a driving force for those motivated by Accomplishment. They thrive in competitive environments and strive to outperform others, seeking recognition for their achievements.

To Showcase

Individuals with this sub-Motivation have a natural inclination to display their accomplishments, often sharing their successes with others to gain admiration and validation.

To Be Noticed

Being noticed and appreciated is crucial for individuals driven by this sub-Motivation. They seek recognition and praise from others, which fuels their motivation to achieve greatness.

To Be Recognised

Recognition is a fundamental aspect of the Accomplishment Motivation. Those motivated by this sub-Motivation actively seek acknowledgment for their achievements and work hard to gain the respect of others.

Motivations and Parenthood

Did you know that Motivations can change when someone becomes a parent?

According to our research, when comparing 25-39-year-olds without children to parents of the same age group, there is a significant shift in the Accomplishment Motivation. Specifically, for dads, the sub-Motivation "To Compete" increases by 23%, while for mums, "To Be Noticed" sees a significant increase of 28%. Furthermore, 45% of dads express a desire "To Be Superior" (Power Motivation), while an astonishing 58% of moms strive "To Have Order" (Possession Motivation).

Motivations in Action: Meet Mariam

Within our own team, we have individuals who exemplify the Accomplishment Motivation in their personal and professional lives. Let's meet Mariam, one of our dedicated dentsu X members, and hear her perspective on this powerful Motivation.

Mariam Khan, Global Strategy Manager at dentsu X

Motivation: Accomplishment

“Accomplishment means so many different things to me. There’s the obvious element of achieving my professional and life goals – these feel great but are usually more long-term and therefore slower to transpire. Sometimes it’s not even a tangible end goal, but a journey which you can only really appreciate in retrospect. Where Accomplishment becomes most motivating for me is in the smaller, everyday achievements. I enjoy setting myself mini challenges and goals which feel realistic and also encourage me to do more of the things I love – for example, running for a minute longer everyday, reading one more book this month than last month, or trying out a new recipe every couple of weeks. I find these accomplishments bring the greatest fulfilment.“

Understanding Motivations: Empowering Marketing Strategies

Our in-depth Motivations study has revolutionised how our clients approach audience understanding. By unravelling data-driven human truths about their target demographics, we enable marketers to develop strategies that connect on a profound level. Instead of relying solely on demographics and consumption patterns, we now comprehend what truly drives audiences and shapes their decision-making processes. This knowledge empowers marketers to tailor creative messages and plan meida and engaging offline events that align with the core Motivations of their target audience, breaking biases in product positioning.

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