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Making Meaningful Connections Through Car Advertising


May 7, 2023 By Thanida Ungsakul, Director of Audience Insights & Media Effectiveness, dentsu X Thailand

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While we might think of buying a car as a logical decision to meet our need to perform tasks such as commuting to work, picking up groceries and driving the kids around, the reality is that emotional factors play a huge role in influencing such a decision. 

Generally speaking, buying a car is often a long process. People want – and need – to know how the car will hold up and how much they can expect to spend on fuel and maintenance. They need to know what return they can expect to get for their large investment. Because when it comes to spending thousands of dollars, people are logical. Aren’t they? 

A recent study of Thai consumers between the ages of 25 and 44 has shown that there are many reasons beyond basic transportation needs that drive people to buy cars. For some, a car is a symbol of their success and status. It’s a way to escape the stress of daily life and a reflection of their individual style and personality. 

One 32-year-old man in the study believed that driving his own car to visit his parents in his hometown elevated his entire family’s image in the eyes of the neighbours. He saw having a car as a status symbol of his successful life. Simply looking at this example in particular, we would look at the sub- Motivation To Showcase and To Be Noticed which fall under the Affection Motivation. For many people, this Motivation is closely linked to their sense of self-worth, which can be a powerful driving force in their lives. While the practical aspects of choosing a car are important, these emotional drivers can’t be forgotten when it comes to marketing and advertising. 

To be effective, car campaigns should focus on the consumer’s desire for status, accomplishment, and luxury. Understanding potential buyers’ Motivations and desires will help brands create more meaningful ad campaigns and ultimately connect more deeply with the consumer.

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