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Reimagining Connection


June 3, 2024

Over the last few years, we have observed substantial shifts in the way consumers connect and create a sense of community. As digital communities seek experience and connection IRL, there’s a unique opportunity for brands to fuse physical and digital experiences to create authentic connections with their audiences. 

Reimagining Connection explores five ways for brands to redefine physical and digital connections through media: 

/ Simplify Shopping: Data-Fueled Personalization

Tech is enabling faster, more personalized experiences in the consumer journey.

/ Experience Unleashed: Navigating the Immersion Era

In the ongoing battle to gain and keep attention, media – and marketing - is becoming more immersive.

/ Game On: Leveling Up Immersion

Video games are extending their experiences and influence beyond the console.

/ Aggregated Experience: The Driver of Seismic Influence

Amidst lack of authenticity, and a rise in distrust from consumers, a new approach to influencer marketing emerges.

/ Tentpoles: From Broadcasting to Bonding

Despite waning ratings, tentpoles remain a cornerstone to create meaningful connection to fandoms.


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