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2024 Media Trends Discussion with dentsu


November 12, 2023

The Pace of Progress: Key Insights from dentsu's 2024 Media Trends Discussion


In a recent LinkedIn Live discussion, experts from dentsu explored the cutting-edge trends shaping the advertising landscape in 2024. The conversation, hosted by Dan Calladine, dentsu's Global Head of Media Futures and joined by Aurelia Noel, Head of Innovation and Transformation, dentsu X, delved into three major themes: Generative AI, the Race to Monetization, and Integrity Economics. We take a closer look at the key messages shared by each of the speakers, shedding light on the exciting future of AI in marketing.

Generative AI: Enhancing Human Potential


Aurelia Noel, Head of Innovation and Transformation at dentsu X, highlighted the promising prospects of AI, particularly in four crucial areas. Firstly, she emphasized the evolution of platforms and algorithms to incorporate AI, enabling a more dynamic user experience. Next, AI is fueling creativity by enhancing human ingenuity. Thirdly, it's increases productivity by handling mundane tasks, freeing human intellect for higher-level pursuits. Lastly, AI is reshaping consumer experiences, especially in AI-powered search and social media, making interactions more intuitive and personalized.


Aurelia stressed the responsibility of brands and advertisers in guiding AI's societal impact with ethical usage. She emphasized the importance of maintaining authenticity, safeguarding consumers, and training AI on unbiased data to prevent any malicious applications.


Dispelling Misconceptions: AI as an Enabler


Sanjay Nair, Senior Partner, Global Strategy at Carat, addressed common misconceptions surrounding AI. Contrary to the perception of AI as a disruptive force, Sanjay viewed it as an enabler and force multiplier. AI, he believes, bridges the gap between marketing ambitions and operational challenges, empowering marketers to make profound differences. He expressed excitement about AI streamlining mundane tasks, allowing marketers to focus on strategic initiatives and creative endeavors.



Augmenting Marketing Practices with Generative Optimizations


Jean-Guillaume Paumier (J.G.), Head of Innovation at FutureLab, shed light on practical implementations of Generative AI in three pivotal aspects. Firstly, AI is refining consumer understanding through sophisticated language models, enabling nuanced insights. This refined understanding enhances tools like dentsu's CCS panel, making them more intelligent and insightful. Secondly, hyper-personalization at scale is becoming more feasible due to advancements in AI technologies, enabling marketers to deliver on their promise of tailored experiences. Lastly, AI's efficiency gains, especially in ideation and performance tasks, are set to revolutionize the marketing landscape, providing quicker and more effective solutions.


The discussion underscored the need for responsible AI usage, emphasizing its potential as a tool for augmenting human capabilities. As AI continues to evolve, these insights offer a glimpse into a future where human creativity and technology seamlessly merge, transforming the marketing realm into an innovative and ethical space.


The Race to Monetization: Unraveling the Uniformity Challenge


The conversation moved to address the race to monetization, focusing on the challenges posed by the uniformity of digital platforms. With major players like Alphabet and Meta dominating the scene, smaller platforms like X and Reddit are also vying for attention. However, today’s digital platforms are starting to look eerily similar. In the past, each app had its unique features, but now, they have converged into a homogenous space, making it challenging for brands to stand out.


Sanjay posed a crucial question: How can brands differentiate themselves when the canvas they paint on appears identical? He highlighted the importance of focusing on what's brilliant rather than what's new. He emphasized that marketers need to act as artists, bringing their brands to life regardless of the platform. In this uniform digital landscape, creativity and brand essence are the differentiators. Embracing this challenge can lead to innovative and outstanding marketing campaigns.


Identity and First-Party Data: The Cornerstones of Modern Marketing


The discussion then delved into the growing significance of user identity and first-party data. Aurelia shed light on the evolving importance of identity verification. Streaming giant Netflix, for instance, started cracking down on shared accounts, emphasizing the need for individual identities. Platforms like Instagram, X, and Snapchat are following suit, emphasizing user verification, and enhancing user trust.

Aurelia highlighted the power of first-party data and strategic data partnerships. She introduced the concept of the clean room, where platforms and brands can collaborate by sharing data transparently. These partnerships, combined with user verification, create a new dimension in data-driven marketing, fostering trust and value exchange between brands and consumers.


The Challenge of Clutter: Navigating the Ad Overload


Next, the conversation shifted to the challenge of rising ad volumes and clutter. J.G. emphasized the need for an experimentation mindset. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, brands must adapt and innovate swiftly. He stressed the importance of rigorous attention measurement, going beyond viewability. Brands must ensure that their ads not only appear on the screen but also capture users' attention effectively. This involves utilizing advanced techniques like eye-tracking to understand user engagement comprehensively.


Adapting to the Digital Frontier

In the face of digital uniformity, identity challenges, and increasing ad clutter, the key takeaway from this insightful conversation is clear: adaptability and creativity are the pillars of success. Brands that embrace these challenges as opportunities and focus on delivering exceptional, creative, and authentic experiences will not only survive but thrive in the digital frontier.


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