It’s the little details that make our mums, the heros.

They have the world’s toughest job and yet mothers often neglect themselves and sacrifice a great deal. That’s why for Mother’s Day we put one mother’s story in the spotlight. To showcase the zoom power of the new P20 Leica camera, we gave one family the opportunity to capture their mother’s daily routine. All this, without their mum knowing a single detail.


Your mother’s influence

We tapped a young Singaporean influencer, Jia En, to bring the reality of her and her mom’s life to the core of the content. We challenged her to capture the details of her mother’s daily routine and the tough reality of having two jobs so her children could thrive.

Behind the camera

We wanted to capture in detail how mothers sacrifice their lives for their family. Jia En’s mother was led to what she thought was an ordinary Huawei roadshow. Instead, she was surprised with a gallery displaying moments of her life. She saw every detail of her grit and sacrifice transformed into a stunning, personal showcase.


A million hearts

The video became the number one most watched Mother’s Day video in Singapore. The experience reached 1.4 million on Facebook reach and saw a 22% increase in brand engagement. We were able to touch more than a million hearts and the video became the most watched Mother’s Day content in Singapore. We turned a moment into a real story told by social video, inspiring all Huawei’s fans to celebrate their mother’s love.


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